T-Bushings and Sleeves

T-Bushings and Sleeves

Product review


 DX provided kinds of sleeves and bushings according to your drawings and requests.  It can be widely used in machinery, mining, petrochemical, military.

Neverthelss, DX sleeves has many excellent features, such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion-resistance.


Place of Origin: China

Brand: DX

Materials: ssic, rbsic, ssic+c and so on

Delivery Time: 20-25 days

Technical Parameters

Features of SSIC

1 Wear resistance

2 High hardness

3 Low friction coefficient

4 Strong oxidation resistance

5 Good thermal stablity

6 Corrosion resistance

7 Low expansion coefficient


Fixedand moving turbine components

Seals,bearings, pump vanes

Ballvalve parts




Semiconductorwafer processing equipment 

Packing & Shipping

Why us

1. Excellent Quality, has its own brand.

2. As manufacturer,  no middle profit.

3.  R&D team.

4. Quality management system during the production process.

5. Quickest reponse and fastest delivery.

6.  Our products sell to over 80 countries.