Development trend of silicon carbide products

Time: 2017-12-15

Silicon carbide products become more and more extensively in the petroleum, chemical, automotive, mechanical and aerospace applications, there is an urgent need to improve the performance of silicon carbide products, continuous improvement of manufacturing technology and reduce production costs. Achieve low temperature sintering of silicon carbide products, can significantly reduce energy consumption, substantially decrease production costs and promote the industrialization of silicon carbide products. Compared with other structural ceramics, silicon carbide has abundant sources of raw materials, many preparation methods, and can adapt to different requirements for working conditions, and is the most likely industrialized scale structural ceramic besides alumina. The world's major ceramic producers Manufacturers attach great importance to silicon carbide materials research and application development. China is a large producer of silicon carbide raw materials, but also has a very wide range of industrial and high-tech needs, in addition because the demand for silicon carbide products covering high, medium and low-grade materials, is conducive to the formation of industrial scale .To promote the industrialization of structural ceramics an important breakthrough, we should actively do research, development and promotion of silicon carbide materials to form our own silicon carbide industry as soon as possible.

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