Silicon carbide is one of the best raw materials for abrasive tools

Time: 2017-11-17

We all know that silicon carbide performance is very prominent. The use is also very extensive.
Because of its high hardness, chemical stability and toughness, silicon carbide is a versatile abrasive that can be used to make grinding wheels, whetstone, coated abrasives or free to grind. It is mainly used for grinding glass, ceramic, stone and other non-metallic materials, cast iron and some non-ferrous metal, its reactivity with these materials is weak. Because it is the highest hardness of ordinary waste materials, so the package is often used to process hard alloy, titanium, high-speed steel cutting tools and other hard-wearing materials and grinding wheel used. The application of black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide is also different. Black silicon carbide abrasive, used for cutting and grinding Tensile strength of the timber such as glass, ceramics, stone and refractory chlorine is also used for cast iron parts and non-ferrous metal materials grinding. Grinding tools made of green silicon carbide, used for carbide, Chin alloy, optical glass grinding, but also for cylinder and high-speed steel cutting tool grinding.
It can be seen that silicon carbide is very advantageous for the manufacture of abrasives, and abrasives made therefrom have very good characteristics.

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