Silicon carbide industry will build high-end competitiveness for the development goals

Time: 2017-09-20

In recent years, silicon carbide product quality has achieved rapid development and improvement of production equipment, technology, research and innovation as well as regeneration waste silicon carbide are making a valuable contribution to the quality of domestic products of international quality to follow its example, so as to make the domestic products on the international market has powerful, but due to price competition anti - dumping, due to the lack of independent intellectual property rights of refusal to show embarrassment, is hindered by the domestic products on the international market, the competitiveness of the high end of the lift is also difficult. Market competition is eventually the competition of talents is the innovation of competition, when the products of what could be the high - end domestic competitiveness must jump over counterfeiting, copying the circle of self - innovation, so it is possible to realize a high - end target of competitiveness.

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