The main applications of Silicon carbide nozzles desulfurization power plant

publisher: Crystal Qiu
Time: 2017-09-26

1. The silicon carbide nozzles for power plant desulfurization, flue gas desulfurization nozzle of silicon carbide power plant is going to remove sulfur dioxide and some polluting gases, fumes and coal-fired power plants for combined cycle gas-fired gas turbine have a common task, except nitric desulfurization (dust). Plant discharged without flue gas desulfurization except nitric atmospheric pollution directly, and combined-cycle gas purification treatment without the harmful effects of the gas turbine is in hot area. Its exhaust gas will pollute the environment.

2. The silicon carbide desulfurization nozzles are thermal power plants, a crucial component of large boilers and desulphurization of complete set of equipment. The product has high strength, high hardness, strong corrosion, anti-wear, anti-high temperature and other excellent performances,. What’s more, the life time of silicon carbide desulfurization nozzles in harsh conditions is wonderful. We produced the reaction bonded silicon carbide desulfurization spray, flow smoothly, non-blocking phenomenon, completely replace imported products. About silicon carbide desulfurization nozzle, there are spiral, swirl type, liquid column type we can offer. It has been applied to a number of thermal power plants desulfurization and dedusting equipment and large boiler.

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