Silicon Carbide Ceremics Armor

publisher: Crystal Qiu
Time: 2017-04-24

The silicon carbide ceramic is fired at high temperature (up to 2000 ° C) under high pressure conditions to obtain ultra high strength, which is much stronger than the warhead, and the warhead is immediately broken after impact to release its kinetic energy. Tests show that this ceramic has a good protective effect on light weapons ammunition and tail stabilized shelling armor piercing.
Silicon carbide ceramic and metal can be made together to create a good armor material through the use of hot –pressing process. The purpose of the hot-pressing process is to use metal and ceramic heat and cooling produce different physical changes in the silicon carbide ceramic internal produce a greater stress, resulting in high strength. In addition, hot-pressing silicon carbide ceramic anti-multiple strike capability has also been improved.
Silicon carbide ceramics can also be produced using a chemical reaction process, which can precisely control the ceramic size, but some of the metal impurities generated by the chemical reaction will remain in the ceramic, thus reducing the strength of the ceramic. The use of chemical reaction process to produce silicon carbide ceramics can be used in less threatened armor system.

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