Does silicon carbide burner sleeve has high temperature resistance?

Silicon carbide burner sleeve is a binary compound, with anti-Hexing, acid and alkali, high temperature resistance and so on. Here to share with you the high temperature resistance of the product.
Silicon carbide is a synthetic advanced inorganic non-metallic materials, combined with the covalent bond, hardness second only to diamond, the melting point of 2600 C, the true density of 3.21g / cm3. Thermal conductivity of 8.37W / mk, the theoretical density of 3.18g / cm2, the proportion of 3.20-3.25, micro-hardness of 2840-3320kg / m2, Mohs hardness between 9.2-9.3. Due to its small amount of impurities, within the crystal, combined with the use of the situation, often using surface impurity analysis. Analysis of the project has free carbon, free silicon plus silica, silicon carbide, ferric oxide, total carbon and so on.
Therefore, the high temperature resistance of the silicon carbide burner sleeve is obvious to all, and the applicability of the product is strong, which can be applied in the fields of ceramics, chemical industry, glass and metallurgy. Wide range of applications, and has good performance, praised by users.

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