How to prevent silicon carbide nozzle clogging problem?

The problem of blockage is the most common and most should be avoided when silicon carbide nozzle in the work of desulfurization. Once the nozzle is locked, it cannot work, then how to prevent the silicon carbide nozzle clogging?
Prevent silicon carbide nozzles clogging measures:
1, the first choice in the purchase of silicon carbide nozzle, should be as professional as possible choice of anti-clogging silicon carbide nozzle, such as: silicon carbide spiral nozzle, SMP nozzle, eddy current silicon carbide nozzle;
2, silicon carbide nozzle manufacturers remind, as far as possible to maximize the path diameter, the installation of desulfurization nozzle should give priority to cover the coverage can meet, when coverage is satisfied, should be installed as few as possible to protect the pass Maximize path
3, long-term flue gas washing will form a large amount of solid waste, so the pump before the filter and the pipe filter is necessary, the silicon carbide nozzle manufacturers need regular inspection of the pipeline filter conditions;
4, downtime Maintenance of scaling silicon carbide nozzle and semi-clogged silicon carbide nozzle for blocking or replacement, in order to ensure the normal spray effective and desulfurization efficiency.

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