What are the effects of Silicon Carbide Amount on Silicon Carbide Products?

Silicon carbide is one of the good industrial materials. The application of silicon carbide in various occupations is caused by the characteristics of silicon carbide itself. In terms of refractory materials, silicon carbide refractory made of silicon carbide conductivity and heat resistance is its irreplaceable advantage, silicon carbide refractory brick at a steady load at room temperature and 1350 ℃ when both the wear strength and heat resistance are outstanding. The heat resistance of silicon carbide is one of the key conditions for ensuring its operational characteristics and economic performance. Because of its high thermal conductivity, resistance to sudden changes in temperature is outstanding. The thermal conductivity of the silicon carbide refractory products has the following conditions: (1) the higher the silicon carbide content of the combined silicon carbide products is, the better the thermal conductivity is; (2) the molding pressure is high and the thermal conductivity of the high-density product is outstanding; (3) From 1300 ℃ to 1500 ℃ and neutral or weak reductive flame burning paper silicon carbide products, thermal conductivity can be increased by about 18% -30%; (4) silicon carbide products with the temperature rise and the thermal conductivity decreased.

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