Is silicon carbide conductive?

Silicon carbide as a common industrial abrasive, strictly speaking is a semiconductor material, the electrical properties of impurities on conductivity, resistivity between 10 ˉ 2 ~ 1012Ω. The conductivity changes with the type and amount of impurities introduced into the silicon carbide crystal. Silicon carbide has different conductivity basing on its impurities. Among them, the most influential impurities on silicon carbide conductivity are aluminum, nitrogen and boron, and silicon carbide containing more aluminum has a significantly increased electrical conductivity. The conductivity of silicon carbide increases rapidly with the increase in electric field strength, and has the characteristics of nonlinear variation. Silicon Carbide resistivity changes with temperature changes, but in a certain temperature range and metal resistance temperature characteristics just the opposite, high-purity silicon carbide with the temperature increases and the resistivity decreased.

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