Do you know the silicon carbide nozzle replacement and inspection?

Silicon carbide nozzle wide range of applications, mainly electroplating, surface treatment, high pressure cleaning, dust removal, desulfurization and other industries. Silicon carbide ceramic products of stable quality, high quality, have reached the international advanced level of similar products. Determine if the silicon carbide nozzle has been unable to observe changes in pressure in the shower tube. Normally the pressure gauge should be positioned in the front of the sprinkler. Judge the pressure on the spray pipe changes, should be a good spray nozzle pressure as a benchmark, though the actual pressure and the difference between the baseline pressure to determine whether there is a problem nozzle. Regular inspection and replacement of nozzles can extend nozzle life. This includes periodic cleaning and checking of the appearance of the silicon carbide nozzle for damage. The need to amend the nozzle depends on the environment and the composition of the spray solution. If the temperature is higher, the spray solution contains impurities, the number of replacement is relatively frequent.
Installation of silicon carbide nozzle in the installation, the following matters need to pay attention to the following:
1. the surface of the silicon carbide nozzle must be kept clean, otherwise it will reduce the fastening effect, the installer must be checked, be sure to ensure that all covered in the binding area of ​​the dust purged;
2. keep the silicon carbide nozzle dry, combined with enough to withstand the pressure generated by the normal operation of silicon carbide nozzle;
3. for each bonding system should ensure that their entire surface are involved in bonding;
4. off the axis of the gasket, tight and moderate.

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