What is a silicon carbide desulfurization nozzle?

Silicon carbide desulphurization nozzle made of new ceramic materials with high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength, extremely cold heat resistance, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature decreases, good thermal conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The various components made from it are also gradually used in the fields of power generation, paper making, petroleum, chemical, mechanical seal, water pump, surface treatment, heat exchange, ore dressing, and aerospace.
The large flow nozzle of silicon carbide is also called vacuum reaction sintered silicon desulfurization nozzle, which is the fundamental part of the complete set of fire power plant, large boiler and desulfurization dust removal equipment. Domestic production of reaction bonded sic desulfurization dusting nozzle, gradually to replace imported products, at the same time has high strength, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, excellent properties such as severe abrasion, high temperature resistant, has a long service life under harsh conditions. Silicon carbide spiral nozzle is the most characteristic of various nozzles. With the decrease of the continuous helix, serous continuously by the spiral line tangent and change direction after a crash into lamellar injection into concentric shaft cone, and the liquid from entering the nozzle cavity of export channels is not under any obstacles. Moreover, it has high absorption efficiency under very low operating pressure and obtains the universal recognition of desulfurization system.

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