Why does silicon carbide have green and black colors?

Black silicon carbide is quartz sand, petroleum coke and high-quality silica as the main raw material, through the resistance furnace at high temperature smelting.
Green silicon carbide in the manufacture of raw materials such as black silicon carbide production is relatively the same, plus industrial salt as a reactant and accelerator in the resistance furnace reaction. In terms of its color are green, it is named green silicon carbide.
In addition to the difference between colors, in general, green silicon sharpness is a good thing, black silicon toughness is good. Unlike their place of use.
Green silicon carbide is more pure than black silicon carbide texture, hardness is higher than the black silicon carbide, its grinding purposes and black silicon carbide the same, more suitable for fine grinding materials such as grinding, grinding tools, etc., in the Grinding materials are more widely used for carbide, diamond products.

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