How does silicon carbide be used in abrasives?

The use of silicon carbide is very widely, such as: metallurgy, mechanical,chemical, building material, light industry, electronics, heating element. Silicon carbide abrasives can be used as cleanser, deoxidizer and modifier in chemicalindustry. Besides, silicon carbide abrasives can be used as a material tosynthesis carbide tools; and the processed silicon carbon plate can be used asa refractory material for ceramic firing panels. Through the finishing, micropowder can be used for high-tech electronic components and the paint of farinfrared radiation materials. High purity micro powder can be used for nationaldefense industry.

Abrasive:silicon carbide with high hardness, chemical stability and resilience, so itcan be used to manufacture of bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and freegrinding, thus to the processing of glass, ceramics, stone, cast iron and somenon-ferrous metals, hard alloy, titanium, high-speed steel cutting tools andgrinding wheel.

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