What are the characteristics of silicon carbide ceramics?

Siliconcarbide ceramics are special ceramics thatbased on silicon carbide materials, it made through a variety of processes.Next, let us understand the exceptional properties of the silicon carbide ceramics.

Themain features of silicon carbide ceramics are oxidation resistance, conductive,high hardness, high thermal conductivity and so on.

1.Oxidation resistance: in the 800-1140 degrees, the oxidation resistance of silicon carbide ceramics is poor; in the 1140-1600 degrees, the oxidationresistance of silicon carbide ceramics is great; when the degrees higher than 1750, the oxide film is destroyed, a significant decline in antioxidant.

2.Conductive: pure silicon carbide is an electrical insulator, but the siliconcarbide ceramic contains a variety of impurities, so silicon carbide ceramics have some conductive.

3.High hardness: the hardness of siliconcarbide ceramics is determined by the silicon carbide itself, with thetemperature rise, the hardness of silicon carbide ceramics does not decline.

4.High thermal conductivity: at room temperature, the thermal conductivity of silicon carbide ceramics is quite high.

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