What are the main applications of special ceramics?

Special ceramics include ceramic materials made from a variety of materials, such as silicon carbide products made of silicon carbide materials, silicon carbide seal rings, 99 porcelain made from alumina materials, electrolytes produced by zirconia materials, and the like. So the application of silicon carbide is very wide.
1 Zirconia material produced by special ceramics
Zirconia ceramics because it has a high ionic conductivity, good chemical stability and structural stability, become the most studied, the most widely used a class of electrolyte materials. Through the improvement of the preparation process of the zirconia-based electrolyte film, the operating temperature and the preparation cost of the material are reduced, and it is also an important direction for the future research.
2 Special Ceramics Produced by Silicon Carbide Materials
Silicon carbide materials are high hardness, low cost materials, can produce silicon carbide products, such as silicon carbide seals, silicon carbide bushings, silicon carbide bulletproof panels, silicon carbide shaped parts, etc., what is more, it can be applied to mechanical seals and various pumps.

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