Why should we use silicon carbide material to make mechanical ceramics?

The reason why silicon carbide material will applied in mechanical seals is because it has so many wonderful features.
1.Broad level
The broad level of silicon carbide allows silicon carbide to emit or detect short wavelength light to produce blue light-emitting diodes or an ultraviolet detector that is almost immune to sunlight.
2.High impact electric field
This feature is suitable for manufacturing high-voltage high-power devices such as high-voltage diodes, power transistors, thyristors and high-power microwave devices. In addition, this feature allows silicon carbide devices are closely arranged to help improve the packaging density.
3.High thermal conductivity
Silicon carbide is a good conductor of heat, the reason why silicon carbide ceramics can work at high temperatures, because at room temperature, the thermal conductivity is higher than any other metal.
Silicon carbide material because of its excellent characteristics, to meet the mechanical ceramic products of high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant nature in order to make a leading part in the application of  mechanical ceramic materials.

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