How do enterprises get out of the dilemma of falling ceramics price?

Ceramic industry is in the trend of huge demands and falling prices, the ceramic industry is facing increased trade risks. At present, the price of the entire tile market has shown a contrarian decline, the average decline account for four percent, which has been particularly high in Guangdong brick prices fell the most obvious, the highest drop which reached more than 6%.
Despite the rising cost of tiles, high profits still make the price of tiles a lot of room to fall. According to a familiar with the tiles of home improvement industry sources, tiles gross profit can be as high as 400%, even the "ceramic town" of Guangdong, the highest ex-factory price of tiles will not exceed 40 yuan, most of the basic 10 yuan To between 20 yuan. But in the Beijing market, even if the price fell by 40%, Guangdong made glazed tiles per square meter of the average price is 70 yuan, the average price of tiles in 120 yuan. Therefore, the high profit margins is a major reason for the decline in tile prices. In addition, ceramic exports encountered anti-dumping, export ceramic products to domestic sales, the entire market competition, but also the tile prices fell another major reason.

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