What are the features of mechanical seals of automobiles?

Mechanical seals are widely used in many fields of industries. In industry, automobile manufacture use mechanical seals. DXseals is specialized in producing silicon carbide ceramic mechanical seals products, with a high quality. The structure features of mechanical seals used in automobile are as following:
1.separate seals 
Split-type seal is a kind of pump with the pressure of the surface of the type of seal . The side by the spring force of a part of the seal is a stationary ring, the other part is rotary ring, mainly used for power cycle circulation, open pump and swimming pool filter pump small special shaft equipment, high speed vibration of the main factors of the occasion is widely used in the automotive industry and general industrial equipment.
2.modular seal
The modular seal can be quickly and easily installed in the production line, sealed and the hole on the shell with the pressure and the shaft is connected, but also static seal, parts folding is very simple, mainly for the engine pump, high-speed or vibrating small diameter shaft Type equipment.

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