How to distinguish kinds of seal rings?

Seal ring is a kind of sealing material, applied to a variety of seals, including rubber seals and mechanical seals, widely used in many fields. And the application of the environment is not the same.
1. silicon carbide seal ring
Silicon carbide seal ring is made of silicon carbide material, through a variety of processes.
2. graphite seal ring
Graphite seal ring is mainly made of graphite materials, through the sintering process, the production of a wear-resistant properties of a sealing material.
3.TC seal ring
TC seal ring is made of carbide materials, and production process of silicon carbide seal ring is basically the same. It is a heavier wear-resistant sealing material.
4.carbon-graphite seal ring
Carbon graphite seal ring is a new type of sealing material that made of the graphite . Added carbon in the graphite when production. It is a high temperature sintering of the seal ring
5.Alumina seal ring
Alumina seal ring, also known as ceramic seal ring, mainly made of alumina material through the processing of a medium seal ring, mainly high temperature, high strength and so on.

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