Do you know the importance of raw materials of silicon carbide to sandblasting?

Sandblasting products with silicon carbide can not simply detect the particle size and content of silicon carbide to determine the material hardness of the material, in advance to understand the original source of silicon carbide purchased, sintering furnace size, sintering time, and view the outsourcing The raw material of the crystal. After the customer to re-order to control the source of raw materials to prevent the use of customers when the phenomenon is not wearable.
Generally speaking, sandblasting products customers commonly use models of silicon carbide GCF36 # / GCF46 and CF36 # / CF46 # of the material, for the original silicon carbide block, the type of material is the best crystallization, the highest hardness of the material, under normal circumstances. Polysilicon is used to remove the surface of the sandblasting, monocrystalline silicon is not used, silicon carbide has a high hardness, more and more widely used in some industrial production.

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