How to pack silicon carbide ceramics products?

The silicon carbide ceramic is divided into reaction bonded silicon carbide, sintered pressureless silicon carbide and hot pressed sintered silicon carbide; according to the classification of sintering auxiliaries are usually liquid phase sintered silicon carbide and solid phase sintered silicon carbide; through different lattice arrangement is divided into α, β and other types; of course there may be different doping and composites and so on. The use of silicon carbide ceramic products: silicon carbide materials can be used in high temperature, high thermal conductivity, high strength, high specific stiffness, corrosion resistance and other conditions, due to higher costs, usually used in nuclear energy, space, machinery, chemicals, , Electronics, military and other high-tech fields. Silicon carbide ceramic materials can be used in the above fields, such as heat exchanger products, microreactor products, thermal control coating products, stealth materials products, sealing ring products, bearing products, laser mirror products and so on. The above products are likely to use "the factory is loaded into the box and then packaged with a steel or then the bottom of the tray and then the factory" or the use of more stringent packaging. There are silicon carbide powder products and silicon carbide crystal products silicon carbide conformal materials, according to different raw materials or grading or preparation or lattice arrangement is divided into different types. DXseals pay more attention to its packing. Every worker in DXseals packs each product carefully and seriously in order to protect the goods during shipment.