Why should high-speed rotary joints be sealed with silicon carbide?

The first and foremost thing we need to know is that choose high-speed rotary joints according to the revolving speed of theequipment.
We all know, HR rotary joints are flat seal structure, relying on the end of the hollow shaft and the seal end of the seal ring seal. After the leak out of the leak will find the end of the shaft there are some pit or ring shape of the groove. And the end of the seal ring is grinding down a lot of ups and downs. These are because the end into the impurities. Including particles of sand in the water or some kind of slag iron scrap. Stainless steel is characterized by no rust, but in the high temperature will be soft. High-speed rotary joints should be high speed, more likely to cause the end of the shaft head soft, the probability of a higher leakage.
The silicon carbide ring is sintered at high temperature, and the plane is a mirror that is ground with diamond. Features are high hardness, high temperature, abrasion resistance. Silicon carbide ring and graphite friction seal, because the graphite powder will produce sealing ring effect. Impurities are difficult to enter into the sealed end face. This is why the use of silicon carbide seal high-speed rotary joints will not leak the reason.
There is no denying that there is a high-speed rotary joint is characterized by a high-speed bearings. If you pay attention to find that some rotary joints in the speed of only a few hundred turn when the hand to touch the rotary joint shell is not too hot. And the speed of more than a thousand turn will find the rotary joint hot has been unable to touch the hand. This is because the rotary joint in the case of high-speed operation, if the bearing can not reach such a high speed will friction rise. Therefore, the bearing must be able to withstand more than twice the use of the speed requirements. Otherwise it will because the bearing temperature, butter dry and cause the bearing burned to death. There is a high-speed rotary joint bearings can not add too much butter, butter is a cooling and lubrication effect, but the excessive use of butter will cause the bearing speed does not increase, hinder the bearing beads rotation. Counterproductive will make the bearing warmer faster.
It is recommended to choose silicon carbide ring to seal who .use high-speed rotary joint . Otherwise, not only will affect the life of the rotary joint but also will cause the device can not be used normally. Nevertheless, it will also cause a great impact on daily production of enterprise. It seems that it is a simple and very small problem, but will also affect the production progress if it is not well-handled.

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