How Large is the Market Fields of Silicon Carbide Ceramics ?

Silicon carbide (SiC) ceramics, with strong anti-oxidation, wear resistance, high hardness, good thermal stability, high temperature strength, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance and chemical resistance and other excellent features. Therefore, it has been applied in petroleum, chemical, mechanical, aerospace, nuclear energy and other fields to show their talents, increasingly by people's attention. For example, SiC ceramics can be used as bearings, balls, nozzles, seals, cutting tools, steam turbine blades, turbocharger rotors, reflective screens and rocket combustor linings.
From my perspective, now that silicon carbide ceramics have so many advantages, there is no doubt that it is bright near the future. The era of only pursuing price was gone, more and more customers will choose the best quality products. Therefore, our company pay more attention to the product quality, and strongly hope we can choose the most appropriate product for you.  
Overall, the market of Silicon carbide ceramic products is bright. Meanwhile, I do hope our company could take up this ladder to embrace a wonderful future.

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